Espacio Vital
Buenos Aires, 2022-2024

In collaboration with Supermayorista Vital in Buenos Aires, Beatriz Bardin has pioneered the creation of an acquisition programme for emerging artists, an infrastructure designed to create and sustain a collection of emerging contemporary art through an annual open call in select educational spaces throughout Argentina.

The inaugural participating institutions were Programa de Artistas de la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Programa de Artistas por Artistas, and Taller Compartido. The jury included artists Adriana Bustos and Carlos Herrera, as well as Directors Orly Benzacar and Nahuel Ortíz Vidal of galleries Ruth Benzacar and Barro, respectively.

By participating in the programme, emerging artists are given the opportunity to submit their work for review to a jury panel, carefully chosen to reflect different interests and sensibilities within the Argentine art-ecosystem.

The Espacio Vital collection will be launched to the public in May 2024.